News Updates

A lot of new shows and new material are planned for 2014. I have had a lot of requests for more stripped-down piano/vocal songs and I have listened. I am currently putting together a softer set that features my voice and piano playing a lot more. I am also doing a lot more private parties this year in addition to my public shows. All of the public shows are listed on my "shows" page. I have not listed any private shows as per request of the hosts. Also, this coming May 25th I will be performing inside of a mine shaft at a "burner" festival put on by Deep Creek Experimental. Check them out on facebook to learn more about this festival. This festival is also in conjunction with the Telluride Film Festival. Check out "Mountain Film" online to learn more about that. A lot of positive things are happening in 2014. I would like to thank all of the people who come to my shows. Without you, there wouldn't be a show. Thank you all very much. Stay positive and stay FUNKY!